Journal Prompts No. 6 + Bullet Journaling

February Journal Prompts + overview of 'bullet journaling'. New prompts [pdf printable included] each month >> Eight Pepperberries

Can you believe that it’s February already? This year is off to a running start! I’m starting to feel like I’m settling in to a new routine for the year, and now I want to mix in something new. Have you heard of bullet journaling? Yeah, neither had I until I was putting together this month’s journal prompts.

Bullet Journaling, aka rapid logging,  was developed by Ryder Carroll. This journaling style is meant to be quick and require less effort than traditional journaling.

4 Components of Bullet Journaling

  1. Topics
  2. Page numbers
  3. Short sentences
  4. Bullets

So how does it work?

Ryder Carroll’s website gives you all the in’s and out’s of bullet journaling and Megan Schaefer’s Beginner’s Guide to the Bullet Journal serves as a great reference for this style of writing. But, here’s a quick overview:

  • Add the date or short description to the top of your page and the page number in the bottom left corner. Make adding these items first before writing into a habit.
  • Your bullet points are organized into categories: tasks, events, and notes.
  • Symbols are used to represent various aspects of a task.
  • Create a key and/or index on your first few pages.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words here’s an example of bullet journaling.

Boho Berry's Bullet Journal: Bringing Mindfullness In To Your Daily Life >> http://www.bohoberry.com/bullet-journal/image via Boho Berry

Can bullet journaling be used Daily?

Heck yes it can! Bullet journaling is great way to organize your monthly and daily thoughts. Kara from Boho Berry has a great post on setting up your bullet journal as well as ways you can use it beyond creating lists. Her mix of traditional journal writing and bullet is amazing. Kara fills her journal with inspirational quotes, doodles, expressions of gratitude, goals, and lists. I highly recommend checking out her post [here] if you’re interested in starting your own bullet journal.

On to this months prompts…

Don’t worry I’m not changing the monthly prompt style on you! If you are new to the journal prompt series, welcome! I’m so happy you’ve stopped by. Each month I put out a new list of journal prompts that help guide you in your journaling process. You might focus on each prompt or pick and choose which ones are best for you. Remember, journaling doesn’t have to be words on paper. Explore other avenues of expression: poetry, doodling, photos, and bullet writing – now you know what it is =)

February Journal Prompts + overview of 'bullet journaling'. New prompts [pdf printable included] each month >> Eight PepperberriesIf you enjoy these prompts, please take a moment to pin them to Pinterest for other writers!

Completely new to journaling and don’t know where to start? No worries, I have a quick start guide on how to journal here. Don’t forget Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. These lovely journals make great gifts – send one to your BFF with a sweet note.

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