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How To Beat The Summer Heat

How To Beat The Summer Heat: Tips & Tricks >> Eight Pepperberries

Greetings from Florida – aka The Sunshine State.

While my friend in Colorado is still battling 50 degree weather (yes in May! It’s outrageous!) here in the south the dog days of Florida are upon us. I’m ashamed to admit it, but the other day I got burned at the beach because of my lack of applying enough sunscreen on my back – and I was only at the beach for a couple of hours. This just shows how strong the sun is and how fast you really do start to burn without proper protection.

Applying sunscreen is highly important, but it isn’t the only concern during the hot days of summer, heat exhaustion (or worse heat stroke) can sneak up on you if you aren’t taking precautions. Although I must note that a sunburn prevents your body from getting rid of heat so make sure to lather it on and reapply!

Today I’d like to share my tips on how to beat the summer heat and enjoy the outdoors safely.

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